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Round Pendants of Intentions

There is no clearer way to declare to the world as well as to yourself your skillful intentions, than to wear an unpretentious silver round pendant featuring inscriptions of powerful words . 
Each piece is wholesomely intended and handcrafted with love.

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Clarity & Harmony

USD $185

Clarity is something most of us are always seeking or asking for. However, sometimes clarity can come with disharmony. That is why, this piece is an adornment which seeks for clarity in the company of harmony. Wearing this, we reaffirm our intentions to move towards clarity & harmony.

Round sterling silver pendant with chain, handcrafted with love.

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Toward Inner Spaciousness

USD $185.00

Inner spaciousness is a quality most of us aspire towards. Too often than not, we find ourselves in situations where we feel small, internally restricted and overwhelmed by uncontrollable emotions. If we can practice equanimity, we can connect to a quality of inner spaciousness, where we are less likely to be affected and afflicted by everyday drama. Adorn yourself with this piece to move towards the inner spaciousness within you. 

Round sterling silver pendant with chain, handcrafted with love.

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Upekshanam Unshakeability

USD $185.00

Upekshanam is the sanskrit word for equanimity. Unshakeability is another word which describes it well as it refers to an inner state in us whereby when we touch upon, we are less likely to overreact, to be afflicted or to be drawn into drama or drama churning. Upekshanam is a practice as well as a quality. Wear this and you will constantly be reminded to practice equanimity by connecting to qualities of spaciousness and accommodativeness within you.

Round sterling silver pendant with chain, handcrafted with love.

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Exhale Long
& Inhale Love

USD $185.00

Exhale long because it takes our nervous system into the para-sympathetic mode where calmness and inner restoration may rise. Exhaling long also gets us to subconsciously release and let go of things like emotions, traumatic experiences, and/ or personalities our minds seem to be stuck to and be in bondage with. As we exhale long and break free from these unnecessary bondage, we will start connecting to a more spacious inner environment. Into this inner spaciousness, let us inhale love and be filled with love, because only good can come out of love.

Round sterling silver pendant with chain, handcrafted with love.

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Stay & Receive


Stay and receive everything. A necessary intention and reminder because many of us are living a fast forward life. Constantly on the move, we are constantly doing one thing or another, and most times, we are already planning our next course of action whilst still engaged in current activities. Before we completely miss out on our life that is unfolding in the present, it's a good idea to take some time out every so often to just stay and receive. By simply staying with intentions of pure receiving, we will be able to fully connect to the auspiciousness of breath, of life, and of so much that is of value in each moment. So stay & receive everything as an intention as well as a practice to invoke a sense of gratitude for all that we have. 

Round sterling silver pendant with chain, handcrafted with love.

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