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Environmentally conscious packaging

Intention Adornments was born out of the idea of creating and wearing jewellery which radiates meaning and depth to the wearer. By adorning ourselves with wholesome and skilful intentions, the hope is that we will move through our daily lives with a bit more awareness of our actions, our reactions, our choice of words, etc.

When we started looking for packaging ideas for our pieces, we wanted to be skilfully conscious in our choice of packaging as well. We simply couldn't present our pieces in the usual jewellery packaging materials because most of them were quite environmentally unfriendly.

We finally decided to present our pieces in simple brown cardboard boxes branded with an Intention Adornments sticker (not acrylic) for a simple, classy yet non-wasteful environmentally friendly packaging. Hence, we can proudly state that awareness was applied at every stage of an Intention Adornments piece, from the conceptualisation of each piece, to the designing, and finally the packaging of each piece. This is a declaration of our love to mother Earth :)

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