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The Bracelet that started it all...

Some time during a beautiful philosophy lecture by my yoga guru Manoj Kaimal more than 3 years ago, I discovered my love for, as well as my need to practice Upekshanam. It was also during this time when I periodically asked Manoj how best to handle testy situations involving 'interesting' characters. His answer to me at that time would usually be, 'It's good Upekshanam practice!' This word, this practice, which loosely translates to equanimity, inspired me to design a bracelet so that when adorned, I would be constantly reminded of this beautiful yet difficult practice. So it started with a silver Upekshanam bracelet, but it has since expanded to several more pieces, all featuring meaningful words of intentions. These pieces have since been named collectively as Intention Adornments, and they are available for purchase on my new website only on a made-to-order basis for anyone else who would also like to be reminded of their good intentions :) A dedicated FB page and an Instagram account was also very recently created to periodically showcase some of the pieces in more 'natural' settings :)


Thanks for reading this!!!!

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