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Why Clarity & Harmony?

In early 2013, my yoga guru Manoj Kaimal was imparting to us some empowering philosophy teachings where we were encouraged to participate in the creation of our own destinies and not just sit back and be thrown about by fate. According to this teaching which was derived from tantric yogic roots, we are each an individual expression of the universe but we are not separate from the universe. Since we are not separate from the universe, each of us have the same creative powers of the universe. At each moment, the universe is creating itself anew just like how we are constantly being created on a cellular level. Since we are not separate from the universe, this teaching invites us to participate in the creating and recreating of ourselves by first setting intentions for ourselves of which we would like to see to fruition. By asking for specific outcomes from the universe, this teaching says the universe will deliver on our intentions. It is however important to be clear on our intentions and not be changing them all the time because it may take some time before each intention we ask for materialises, and it doesn't help if we keep changing our minds, for nothing we ask for may ever have time to come to fruition. So what we ask for, from the universe should be precise and we should be patient while we repeatedly ask for the same intentions.

At that time, I asked my guru how will the universe deliver what I want if I myself, at that point of time, am not sure of what I would like and hence am unsure of what to ask for. His answer was, you can ask the universe for clarity! I agreed that clarity would be what I would like from the universe. However, it dawned on me that there has been many instances where clarity can lead to disharmony, and since I would strongly prefer clarity in the presence of harmony or vice verse, I decided on CLARITY & HARMONY as my intentions. I must confess it took more than two years of repeatedly asking for clarity and harmony from the universe before I am clear on what I want, and I am in harmony with who I am. Clarity and harmony continues to be my intentions, however I had added Upekshanam and Love to my list of intentions as well.

In the summer of 2014, while I was in Koh Samui, a light bulb went off in my head where I decided I wanted to start a brand called Clarity & Harmony for things that are kind to our bodies and our environment as well as for things that will help people in their quests for clarity and harmony in their own lives. It can be food, art, jewellery, services, whatever, but it will be of service to clarity and harmony. At about the same time, I had also started drawing some ideas for a line of jewellery which features powerful intentions. Since then, I have designed and produced a small range of jewellery featuring words of intentions and the jewellery line has since been named Intention Adornments which is now being sold here on on a made-to-order basis :)

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